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Mangatar was born as a startup project in 2011 from the initiative of five young entrepreneurs, passionate with videogames. The project grew in 2012 when the startup was incorporated under the laws of Italy and successfully launched its first title: Mangatar Saga, a browser game with RPG elements. During that year, Mangatar won several startup competitions, attended Mind The Bridge Startup School in San Francisco and received a seed investment from Digital Investment SCA SICAR (Dpixel, advisory).

Experience and growth


In 2013, Mangatar accelerated its growth by creating Dengen Chronicles. While working on the game’s open beta, the team was selected to AppCampus, the Finnish mobile application accelerator program financed by Nokia and Microsoft. Mangatar’s card game was enhanced for the mobile audience and in 2014, Dengen Chronicles was launched for Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices, winning over 600k gamers all over the world. That was the moment to start thinking big.

Greater and greater synergies

New challenges

In 2015, Mangatar raised €1.1m in funding via Fi.R.A. (Finanziaria Regionale Abruzzese)’s StartHope and Invitalia’s Smart&Start Italia. The company leverages the capital to expand the team and grow as a publisher with the Smart Publishing Hub project, aiming to create a network of indie teams and devs working on casual and mid-core games on mobile, PC and connected TV platforms. Mangatar relies on network building in order to accomplish something great.

Ahead Of The Game


CEO & Co-Founder

Andrea Postiglione

Graduated BA with Honours in Communication and Media Management, he focuses his energies on entrepreneurship and financial management, while giving special attention to startup mentoring and fund raising. He strongly believes in networking and cooperation as a means to leading Mangatar to be one of the big players of the field.

Game Engine Dev & Co-Founder

Michele Criscuolo

Qualified computer expert passionate with product development, he sees coding as his strongest asset. Inspired by the growing pervasivaness of videogames in the daily life, he’s determined to driving forward the Mangatar’s project, with the goal of creating more and more mature products for a higher form of entertainment.

CTO & Co-Founder

Enrico Rossomando

Specialized in network security and algorithms for graphs, he’s totally focused on programming and developing new technological solutions with a strong innovative potential. He intends to make Mangatar a brilliant and ethical workplace, capable of establishing itself as an attractive hub for young professionals.

Art Director & Co-Founder

Alfredo Postiglione

Creative artist and esteemed character designer, he specializes in coordinating the creative process, from game design to animation. Greatly motivated to reaching quality results, he dreams of revolutionizing with Mangatar the gaming world, following in the footsteps of Hideo Kojima and Fumito Ueda.

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