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  • 12 August 2016

Mangatar’s Gamescom lineup: three new games to be launched before the end of 2016


Mangatar’s Gamescom lineup: three new games to be launched before the end of 2016

We are happy to announce we’re heading to Gamescom with three new games for mobile devices and PC. Asgard Rift: Battle Arena, Ninja Clone, and Little Briar Rose are currently available as beta versions and scheduled to be released before the end of 2016.

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena is a tactical card game with awesome characters to collect and evolve. Explore an exciting epic universe, battling other players in real time. Create your strategies by leveraging fighters with unique skills and special attacks. Enjoy breathtaking matches and earn amazing rewards. Collect gorgeous chests with extraordinary cards and powerful runes to upgrade your fighters. Unlock new arenas for more fun! Coming soon on Android and iOS.

Ninja Clone

The running game for all ninja fans out there! Leverage amazing lanes packed with challenges and fun, enjoy the magic power of portals and play with up to 7 simultaneous ninjas on 7 different worlds. Train your strategies against hordes of enemies and collect power-ups and rewards for a great ninja adventure. Currently in soft launch on Android and iOS.

Little Briar Rose

An ancient legend, a cursed castle surrounded by brambles, a forest inhabited by funny enchanted creatures and a sweet princess sleeping in it. And, obviously, a fearless prince! This is what Little Briar Rose is made out of. In this particular stained glass-styled graphic adventure the player will help a whole dynasty of princes complete their quest. Be careful though, many will try, but only one shall prevail! Currently in beta and available for PC and Mac. Developed by Elf Games.

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