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Mangatar Games

In the crowded gaming landscape, users are constantly searching for new, polished experiences. At the same time, small indie teams or early stage startups have even less chance to generate a hit. Mangatar’s Smart Publishing Hub aims to meet the gamers’ expectations.

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How the Smart Publishing Hub works

Mangatar effectively contributes to creating games: we offer a range of strategic and technical solutions such as analytics, balance models for game mechanics, monetization models, testing and debugging systems, social and multiplayer frameworks, cross promotion, marketing campaigns.

We also provide indie teams with expert professionals (sound designers, composers, authors, scriptwriters, translators, senior developers) or our developers and game artists to speed up and polish the product.

In a well-defined legal framework, we make specific agreements with developers focusing on revenue share. We aim at a win-win scenario in order to consolidate relationships and to attract talented professionals.

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